Construction of the Vocational Training Institute in Aqaba - Jordan


Страна: Иордания
Язык: EN
Заказчик: United Nations Office for Project Services
Номер: 3362225
Дата публикации: 26-07-2017
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General information
Invitation to bid
Construction of the Vocational Training Institute in Aqaba - Jordan
United Nations Office for Project Services
02-Aug-2017 14:00
(GMT 2.00) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris
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Link Description 17-MR-ITB-57-Measured Price - Construction of VTC in Aqaba-schedules only.docx 17-MR-ITB-57-Annex A -Division 1 General Requirements.pdf 17-MR-ITB-57-Annex B -Division 2 General Requirements.pdf 17-MR-ITB-57-Annex C - 17-MR-ITB-57-Annex D -Mechanical Specifications - Mec UNOPS.pdf 17-MR-ITB-57-Annex E - Short Form Construction Contract Template.pdf 17-MR-ITB-57-Annex F -Electrical Specifications - Elec UNOPS.pdf 17-MR-ITB-57-Annex G - Architectural and Civil Works BoQ.pdf 17-MR-ITB-57-Annex H -Mechanical BoQ.pdf 17-MR-ITB-57-Annex I -Electrical BoQ.pdf 17-MR-ITB-57-Annex J -BoQ Summary.pdf 17-MR-ITB-57-Annex K - Architectural and Civil Works Specifications - Arc & Civ UNOPS.pdf
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